One-Touch Solution

Real Time Data Live Tracking

Data Presented by
Tabulation, Charts & Infographics

Cloud Solution & User Friendly Interface
Laptop - Mobile - Tab

Claim Level Drill Down Capability

Falckon Analytics

Real-Time Monitoring Solution Customized For Your Practice

Dashboard Solution with
Detailed Analytical Reports

  • Multi Specialty Handling
  • Customized Tracking & Interfaces designed to cater the needs of practices

  • Real-Time Data Integration

  • Claim level drill down capability

  • HIPAA Compliant & secured

  • Supports multiple devices & Mobile compatible

  • Total Cloud based Solution

Client Transformation

My company has had phenomenal success in collections since engaging Falckon Health. Falcon Health has a team of highly skillful members with deep industry knowledge of the genetics testing and billing.
Our lab works with referring physicians across multiple states and Falckon Health has always ensured that we stay compliant with all state regulations and our billing are compliant yet ensures maximum reimbursement. I can safely say that when it comes to the medical billing you will find no better partner than the team at Falckon.

Ann Cleveland, CEO of Lavaca Medical

Falckon Health implemented my clinical HR practice software and then customized it precisely to my specifications. And, thanks to the billing assistance provided by the Falcon team, I can devote more of my time to treating patients rather than dealing with claims-related issues.
Most importantly, whenever I have a problem and require advice, Falckon Health has always been consistently and promptly available. They have always been there for me. They were very efficient and professional, and it resulted in a net profit for our business. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with them

Dr. Rachell Hull (M.D Pediatrics), Phoenix Kids Care

I have had an excellent relationship with Falckon Health from the very beginning.
Falcon Health has been very responsive to my questions and provides solutions to all problems and concerns that have occurred during our initial credential work for enrollment with Federal and commercial insurance. It must have been a very difficult task to work across a lot of my expired enrollments and reinstate in-network status whilst handling the plethora of documentation requests from the insurance, but the Falcon Health team were swift in following up with Insurance and sorting out quite a mess. I have great confidence that Falckon Health will do a fantastic job handling my accounts receivable, insurance submissions, and accounts ageing and maintenance. It has been a pleasure working with them and looking forward to continuing this partnership

Dr. Steven Armus (M.D Dermatology), CenterPoint Dermatology

Falckon Health is a real asset to our clinical laboratory. We knew how our laboratory should run from a medical standpoint when we first opened it, but we knew we needed help with the business management side of things, and there was no greater stress when opening the laboratory than getting the federal and commercial credentials in order. Falckon Health assisted us with credentialing and devised a strategy for which insurances we should be credentialed with, estimated and organized fee schedules and in-network payment rates, and, most importantly, provided ongoing support and business management.
It was comforting to know that we were not alone in our decision-making.
Working with Falckon Health has been easy, and their staff has been extremely helpful.

William Myles, Meridian Diagnostics

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